Telecommunications is a centrally provided service and ARCS has no ability to support or adapt it beyond the central offerings. Any Telecom requests [ServiceNow access required] should go through unit Telecom managers/coordinators . Some commonly used services are:

  1. Forwarding campus phone number to personal phone (e.g. your cell phone). Handout available, one time setup, self-service. Link Note: Incoming calls to your personal phone which are forwarded from campus look the same as direct calls to your phone.
  2. Forwarding campus voicemail to campus email, Handout available, one time setup, self-service. Link.

In addition, WebEx Teams is a mobile app which has the capability to make outgoing phone calls appear to come from your office phone (masking your personal cell number) but our experience is that this service is unreliable and we don’t recommend it for widespread use.

A better alternative for one-time Caller-ID blocking, dial *67 before dialing.