ARCS Leadership

Justin Filoseta

Director of IT for the College of Sciences and ARCS

Advises and supports the College on technology, data, and research computing matters; identifies and directs the design, development, and implementation of IT services and solutions to support and enhance the academic and research missions of students and faculty; provides the College's perspective on Institute-level initiatives; facilitates communication and best practices among research faculty, school administrators, and technical staff; serves as a campus technical expert; works with other colleges to explore collaborations.

Troy Hilley

Associate Director — IT Architect

Designs and implements research and academic IT infrastructure for the College of Sciences.

Arian Padron

Associate Director — Cybersecurity & Policy

Advises and ensures the College IT security and compliance obligations meet GT, USG, State and Federal policy requirements.

Michael Sheldon

Associate Director — Web Services

Manages the web presence for the College, its units, and research activities in conjunction with Communications; oversees web services and application integrations and quality control; coordinates hosting and data services with central campus; mentors staff and student coders.

John Wallom

Associate Director — IT Operations

Oversees ARCS daily IT support operations for the College of Sciences academic and research missions; manages and coordinates the junior ARCS IT staff; serves on the ARCS senior IT architecture group.