Endpoint Management Information

As previously mentioned, in response to last fall's data disclosure there are new campus policies in place regarding the installation of mandatory computer endpoint management tools.

Thank you to everyone in CoS who confirmed their inventory of off-campus equipment . The next step, which starts now and needs to be completed by June 15, is the installation of basic cyber-security tools on all off-campus computer equipment.

The cyber-security and endpoint management tools are:

  • Qualys — Vulnerability management, detection and response, so it can rapidly patch critical threats, and quarantine infected assets to prevent spread.
  • FireEye — advanced threat detection and response, so it can block malware with both a signature-based and ML-enabled protection engine, and can filter and protect against known web exploits.
  • SaltStack — endpoint and configuration management tools that helps keep system parameters and local software properly configured
  • JAMF — Apple specific endpoint and configuration management

Please visit https://assets.arcs.gatech.edu. For each item not in compliance, select "How to fix this" and follow the instructions. You will be guided to install the tools yourself by following a few simple steps.

We fully understand and empathize that compliance with this Institute mandatory policy may be inconvenient or present a challenge. Please reach out to support@arcs.gatech.edu if you have questions or comments.