Scope of Work

   College of Sciences Scope of Services



Baseline Service Area




Networking setup of computing devices.

Wall port activation.

IP services (DNS, DHCP).

Advice for personal device wireless networking.

IT Purchasing

Hardware, Software, & Services.

Consulting, requirements gathering, and quoting.

Purchasing of equipment.

Inventory tracking.

Loan agreements.



Liaison to GT Cybersecurity.

Maintain the security policy and posture for CoS.

Incident management & reporting.

Classroom Support

Liaison with OIT for “GT Classrooms”.


Support local conference rooms.


Consultation & Design of School & Center Websites.


Consultation on faculty & research group sites

Printing & Copying

Liaison with ITG for Xerox services.

Liaison with GT for Pharos printing services.

Installation & configuration of printing devices.

Data Storage & Backups

Backup & Recover for servers, desktop, and notebooks.

Administrative storage.

Research storage consulting & implementation.